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In 1998, Jittlada opened its first restaurant in Jl. Sultan Agung, Menteng, Jakarta.  From a humble 50 seat restaurant, it has grown to become Jittlada Group, the leading Thai restaurant group in Indonesia who has now branched out to Japanese cuisine as well.  As of 2022 it has grown to now having 10 different brands across 22 outlets.  Jittlada Group has consistently set the standard for quality and service through creative and careful attention to all details.

Jittlada Group relentlessly pursues only the best chefs that bring creativity and innovation to something authentic.  Driven to constantly evolve, change and defy the usual culinary pretensions with international talents that prove to raise the bar time and time again.  A dream team of 10, the group of Thai Chefs with international experience at Jittlada Group anchors on an all-embracing approach to cooking that focuses on variety, balance and attention to detail.

24 years running a Thai culinary business, Jittlada Group has become the top of mind and the market leader for Thai cuisine in Indonesia.  But the business does not stop here.  In 2021, Jittlada Group expanded their business to Japanese soul with the introduction of SHORI Sushi Bar and KINKA Sushi Bar & Izakaya in 2022.  Both concepts offer you the very best to cater to your adventurous tastes and exotic desires.  The addition of these outlets shows that Jittlada is staying strong in their constant effort to bringing a variety of other cuisines to Indonesia.

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