Tiger Zodiac Result

Tigers in the Year of the Dog (2018)

Overall, the Year of the Dog will be positive for them. Tigers have the space to express themselves with their talents and skills. If they put effort and time into your career, they’ll find great success. But Tigers must consider long term effects; otherwise they’ll miss out on rare opportunities.


Tigers will have successful careers this year, but only if they are careful.
If they work to help the company profit, they’ll receive the recognition and rewards they wish for. Businessmen shouldn’t be too impatient about
developing though. If they don’t plan well, the money they put in might never come back. For the stock market, they shouldn’t follow everyone else. Instead, they must base investments on past experience and data.
They’ll also meet a “savior” who will give them much needed help.
Business and store owners should use this year’s fortune in building reputation. Take advantage of the internet and other platforms to expand your market. If they wish to switch jobs, they’ll find luck in that as well.


2018 is a year suitable for taking exams.
Their knowledge absorption is high this year. If they concentrate on
studying, their grades will soar.
But if they become too stressed, they might get into arguments with fellow classmates. In order to not negatively affect their grades, they must control their emotions! Yoga and other relaxing activities are recommended.


There aren’t any big health problems for Tigers in 2018. However, they should pay close attention the health and safety of their parents
and children. And rather than physical health, they may have some emotional health problems. They might feel anxious and paranoid. It’s suggested to avoid negative environments, such as visiting a sick friend or a secluded area. Instead, try going to celebrations and festivities.
Because of stress, they might also have insomnia. Do some unwinding and listen to soft music before sleep. Eating vegetables and fruits will help with digestion and their overall feeling as well.


Tigers will find themselves focusing more on their career this year.
Singles won’t have time to worry over relationships. They’ll feel less attracted to dating, which will cause them to stay single. If they want to change this, try attending social events.

Tigers in a relationship mustn’t neglect their significant other. Balance work and personal life well. If there are regular arguments due to stress and anxiety, remember to communicate. Find time to go on a mini vacation too. It’ll be good for both their relationship and your health.


Lucky numbers that will open the road to wealth are 2 and 9. The lucky colors in 2018 are blue and black. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better.
For better luck put a painting of scenery on the wall behind a chair. This will anchor and stabilize their position in work.

Overall, Tigers have the courage and skills to make a name for themselves. But while risks and adventures are great, careful thinking is also needed to go far in life.