Snake Zodiac Result

Snakes in the Year of the Dog (2018)

2018 is a lucky year for Snakes. It’s a good time to utilize their strengths and push their boundaries.

Work will be successful and generally smooth. They can gain reputation and fame. In school, if they do not slack off, can become top ranked students.

However, Snakes must have high EQ this year. People will try to bring them down and Snakes might fail without even knowing why. The luck might also start to die down by October.

Roosters and Oxen would be the best partners in work. In them, Snakes will find the support they need.


Snakes are highly intuitive this year. Work comes easily and they’ll make a big difference if opportunities are taken advantage of. Wealth will also come easily. But Snakes must know when to stop. Do not become greedy, or else the losses will be greater than gains.
However, there will be people who try to bring them down. Snakes must act cautiously, especially in the unlucky months.


Snakes will be able to think quickly this year. Multi-tasking is easier and working while studying is manageable. However, Snakes shouldn’t become overconfident and satisfied.
They must strive for perfection and reach their full potential. Minor health problems can also affect studies.


Health may be unstable this year. Snakes must remember to have good diets and take care of sanitary issues.
In addition, Snakes must take care of family and make sure they’re safe. In May, do not drink and drive. Traffic safety is also an issue in November.


Snakes will have luck with meeting new people and making friends. It’s easy to develop mutual feelings this year. Life will be full of excitement, but Snakes must be careful of extra feelings.


The lucky colors in 2018 are yellow, red and orange. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better. Colors to avoid are gray and green.
Snakes have the chance to really set out on the right path this year. Coupled with their strategic thinking and ability, there is no doubt they will succeed!