Rat Zodiac Result

Rats in the Year of the Dog (2018)

Overall, the Year of the Dog will be average for Rats. Nothing too drastic will happen. Unexpected emergencies may occur, but good fortune will appear near the end of the year.


It’s advised to not invest large sums of money and start small for entrepreneurs. There will be times when efforts seem fruitless. Remember that Dog years are years of hard work and its unsuitable to ask for rewards. However, Rats should seize the opportunities that may occur.


In 2018, Rats will most likely want to slack off on their studies. Their low spirits will no doubt influence their learning. If they can’t be motivated and put themselves fully into their education, it might be better to give up on a higher degree.


Rats should be careful of sharp objects in 2018. It’s also easy to fall and get some bumps and scratches. Men need to prevent infections in the urinary system. Women should pay attention to intestinal disease. Other than that, Rats should just eat well every day. Do not go onto extreme diets this year, else the consequences will be grave. The Year of the Dog is a year of strengthening one’s body. It’s suitable for moderate and regular exercise. There is also good luck with curing diseases. If a Rat have recurring ailments, they will finally be able to make some progress in recovering. The chances of food poisoning are especially high in November.


In 2018, Rats will be able to attract others. The Chinese call this good luck the peach blossom fate (桃花运—táo huā yùn). However, they may also run into rotten peach blossoms (烂桃花—làn táo huā). So for this year, Rats should think carefully and do not make brash decisions regarding dating and marriage. Those born in 1996 can go after the people who catch their attention, but there’s no rush for marriage yet. Those born in 1984 and earlier should be careful not to spend too much time on work and neglect the family.


To avoid evil spirits, do not put important furniture in the southeast and northeast.The lucky colors in 2018 are yellow, brown and red. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better. Colors to be avoided are blue and black. The Dog Year is also known as the Vacation Year. It’s a great time for travels to foreign countries. North America and Europe are the best destinations. However, northern regions should be avoided. Traveling to Southeast Asia is also unlucky this year. Overall, Rats have what it takes to live a happy and content life. The only things stopping you are your bad habits. Fix the habits and be alert of changes in the surroundings for success.