Pig Zodiac Result

Pigs in the Year of the Dog (2018)

The Year of the Dog is a turning point for Pigs.
They must take advantage of opportunities to develop their career.
But they must be careful of jealous people. They should keep a low
profile and concentrate on doing their own work well.
A plan should be made in the beginning of the year. Then accomplish things step by step. Rabbits and Tigers will be great help this year.
However, Pigs might be sensitive and emotional in 2018. They should learn to control their feelings and leave some things to fate.


Work is smooth for Pigs in 2018. If they take advantage of this fortune, they’ll be able to accomplish great things. But make sure this success doesn’t lead to arrogance. Otherwise, they risk becoming isolated. March and June are months where they must be exceptionally careful. Luck with finances is also high this year. But similarly, Pigs must be careful of those who might take over the profits.


Pigs have sharp minds and think quickly this year. They are highly intuitive too. If they can concentrate and ignore distractions, their grades will improve immensely.
However, they are also sensitive this year. They must not let worrying or frustrating events affect them.


Pigs are almost always healthy and this year is the same.
However, they may suffer from headaches and insomnia.
They’re at risk of influenza and contagious diseases in spring and summer. In February and July, be careful of food poisoning. Pigs should also avoid high altitudes in April and October.


Emotional issues are the only difficulties in an otherwise smooth year. Pigs might experience mood swings. This will affect and hurt loved ones and friends. If anything happens, Pigs must remember that some things cannot be forced. If they leave things to fate, they might gain something unexpected.


The lucky colors in 2018 are yellow, white and purple. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better. Colors to avoid are blue and gray.

Overall, the Year of the Dog is a great year for Pigs. It is the same for a Pig’s life in general. There are some small problems, but those are inevitable.