Ox Zodiac Result

Ox in the Year of the Dog (2018)

Though the Ox clashes slightly with the Dog, there is hope for 2018. They should be able to turn misfortunes to your advantage and use it to create a better path for the next year.


Work will be stressful this year. The future is unclear and there are many pitfalls. Miscalculation will lead to failure. So Oxen must stay clearheaded and plan each step they take this year. Be aware and cautious of scams as bad luck will pass and return.


It’s hard to stay focused on education this year. Oxen may easily be
affected by fake friends and fall behind on studies. Be careful and try to see each person for who they are. Do not listen to the negative comments they may say.


Oxen will enjoy good health this year, but there may be stomach
problems. They should pay attention to sanitary conditions and prevent food poisoning. Traffic safety should be a concern as well.


There will be good luck with finding love this year. However, Oxen should be wary of people who might tear the relationship apart.


The lucky colors in 2018 are green, white and blue. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better. Colors to be avoided are red and yellow.

The Dog Year is also known as the Vacation Year. It’s a great time for travels to foreign countries. Use this as an excuse to take a well-deserved break.

Overall, the 2018 Year of the Dog may not be the best year of Oxen. However, their dependent personality and hard work will pay off in the long run.

People born of the Ox year will be able to find their own comfortable lifestyle. Just make sure not to work too hard!