Monkey Zodiac Result

Monkeys in the Year of the Dog (2018)

Unfortunately, the 2018 Year of the Dog will be hard on Monkeys. Each step is difficult and there will be many shocks. It’s crucial to maintain communication and relationships.

On the bright side, things are generally smooth for entrepreneurs. It’s an innovative year with many opportunities for growth. Monkeys only have to understand that along with success, comes more stress and problems.


There will be many changes in career this year. They can be business trips, relocation or even job changes. It’s better to keep moving rather than staying still. If Monkeys take advantage of these opportunities, they can gain the recognition of leaders.
However, Monkeys must control of their temper and listen to differing opinions. They may have unstable emotions this year and be too extreme in their actions. This can create enemies and ruin their fortune.


There are some obstacles in education this year. Monkeys will find themselves running in place. Relationships with teachers and classmates aren’t the best. This negatively affects studies.
Studying abroad and exchange programs aren’t recommended. Outside of class, Monkeys should work to connect with others.


There are drastic rises and falls in health. Accidents and surgery might be necessary in 2018. Extreme sports and events such as funerals should be avoided this year. Donating blood and a trip to the dentist in the beginning of the year can ward off bad fortune. Problems in work and love can bring insomnia and indigestion. Monkeys also need to be extra careful during business trips. Changes in weather, commute and luggage can all be sources of accidents.


Monkeys shouldn’t plan on finding their significant other in 2018. Business trips and vacation is a good chance to meet new friends. Monkeys can also meet new people through relatives and friends.
However, because Monkeys are always on the move, they aren’t very family-oriented. This means that relationships are hard to maintain. To further develop feelings, it’s recommended to bring family along on the trips and vacations.


The lucky colors in 2018 are gray and yellow. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better. Colors to avoid are pink and green.

Overall, the Year of the Dog is a test for Monkeys. But due to their adventurous nature, they love nothing more than a challenge. Though difficult, it will benefit Monkeys and set them on the road to success.