Horse Zodiac Result

Horses in the Year of the Dog (2018)

Horses and Dogs are compatible. However, the Year of the Dog will not go easy on Horses. They’ll receive many chances to unleash their
potential. Horses will be able to advance their career and gain the
recognition of coworkers.
At the same time, their fortune is unstable this year. Horses must not become too relaxed and expect everything to fall into place without effort.


Though Horses will have good opportunities, along with this comes stress. During this coworkers may become jealous and try to make things harder. Horses must be able to withstand rumors, criticism and general negativity.
Trying too hard to gain wealth will backfire. It’s best to be content and work steadily this year.


Horses will find it hard to concentrate on studies this year. They must focus on studying and reviewing. They might be the center of rumors this year, but ignoring them is the best solution. Horses must also be careful and follow rules in extracurricular activities as well.


There will be no serious health issues in 2018.
However, Horses should take care to avoid seeing blood. When going for nature outings, they should pay attention to safety. Cardiovascular exercises are a good idea for Horses that may experience breathing problems.


2018 is a year that tests a Horse’s patience. Arguments will happen often between couples. Horses must control themselves. They’ll say hurtful things in the heat of things that they will regret greatly afterward.Horses should also be careful of developing emotions for other people.


The directions of fortune and wealth for Horses this year are the north and west. It would be the best to put the bed, worktable and sofa in these positions of the room.
The lucky colors in 2018 are green, blue and black. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better. Colors to avoid are red and yellow.

Overall, 2018 is a test for Horses. The opportunities for fortune are there, but Horses must be able to withstand the pressures that come with it. Ever-changing and never tiring, Horses will find what they’re looking for in life. Just to stop and smell the flowers every so often. Otherwise, some beautiful views might be missed.