Goat Zodiac Result

Goats in the Year of the Dog (2018)

The Year of the Dog is a good year for Goats, despite being incompatible. There will be mentors and supporters. Goats should take this advantage to further develop their career. In work, Rabbits and Horses would be great partners.

But Goats must be careful with their words. It’s easy to accidentally say the wrong thing and ruin the year’s fortune.


Everything will come easily for Goats in 2018. If lost, they’ll meet people who will offer help and guidance. All efforts invested will reap profits. But remember not to become overconfident and greedy.
Goats should concentrate fully on their work and don’t participate in gossip. In the unlucky months, Goats must be careful not to get into fights with co-workers.


There will be a big improvement in studies this year. Goats will be more motivated and able to absorb knowledge easily. If they can keep this up, their grades will soar and become an exceptional student. However, they should also be careful with their words in the classroom.


There aren’t many big health problems.
To maintain it, Goats should stay away from alcohol. It’s also a good idea to visit and take care of elderly relatives. This is especially true in May. Personal safety is also a concern in April, May and August.


Goats will find it easy to click with others this year. There are high hopes for successful platonic and romantic relationships.They should just remember that being too indulgent can lead to
misunderstandings. In the unlucky months, Goats must communicate their thoughts and opinions well. Otherwise, it’ll be impossible to solve the problems.


The lucky colors in 2018 are red, orange and purple. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better. Colors to avoid are gray and green.

Overall, 2018 is a smooth year for Goats. It’ll lay the path to the secure and steady life that they wish for. Goats are some of the kindest people, but they must remember to love and take care of themselves too!