Dragon Zodiac Result

Dragons in the Year of the Dog (2018)

The Dragon and the Dog are the least compatible.
The year of the Dog is unlucky for Dragons as well.
It will be a year of challenges and tests. But no matter what happens, they should not give up on their goals. Do not act brashly and wait for the most perfect timing to come.
Dragons can also use this year to make some changes. Break out of
routines, be innovative and try some new things.


The work environment is complex and fickle. Dragons may feel extreme pressure in their careers.
They must keep in mind that some risks should not be taken and some opportunities should be let go. Once in a tricky situation, it’ll be difficult to get out.
The fortune of wealth is not very positive either. There might be
significant loss of wealth. For those who have never been one to budget, this is a good year to start.


Feelings toward education will have constant ups and downs this year. Dragons should take a breath and settle down. Otherwise grades will slip badly and be hard to recover.
Bad health with regular colds will be a distraction from studying. Be sure to maintain regular exercise, diet and sleep cycle.


2018 is not the healthiest year for Dragons. They will constantly be
suffering from various illnesses. Although nothing threatening, neglect will worsen them horribly.
In regards to safety, Dragons must be careful of falling. Men are
especially at a high risk. Avoid activities such as mountain climbing and visiting other high altitudes.
In August, traffic safety is another concern.


Relationships will be complicated for Dragons this year. It is ever
changing and hard to grasp. Dragons will find it unusually hard to
interact with others. They have so much stress and yet no one to confide into.
It’s hard to find the right person this year. Progress will be slow, but any impatience will end the relationship. Dragons should remember that it all comes down to fate. They must not force themselves onto others.


Lucky numbers that will open the road to wealth are 3 and 6.
The lucky colors in 2018 are orange, yellow and white. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better. Colors to avoid are blue and green.

Overall, 2018 is not a very lucky year for Dragons. But there’s no need to worry!